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I’m excited to continue my work on behalf of the hardworking folks of the 7th district. Since being first elected to Congress, I have worked hard to improve the quality of life for hardworking Coloradans. My priority is making sure everyone has a good job, can afford to send their kids to college and have enough left over for retirement.

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Lesley Dahlkemper, Jefferson County Commissioner

"Ed Perlmutter fights for what we value. In Jeffco, he stood side by side with parents and community members to keep our public schools public and out of the hands of the Koch brothers. In Washington, he works with his colleagues on both sides of the aisle to find common ground and fresh approaches to solve complex problems. He's also a tireless champion for equal rights. His leadership gets results that benefit us all."

Liz Geisleman, Vice President of Rocky Mountain Reagents

"My small business has a champion in Ed Perlmutter fighting for us in Congress. Whether it’s increasing access to lending for small businesses, supporting pay equity, or increasing manufacturing in America; Ed will always be there to ensure people have the opportunity to earn a good life.”

Former State Representative Joe Salazar

"Ed is a great representative and he's never let me or the people of the 7th district down. I'm supporting Ed because he's a good person and a good congressman."

Emma Pinter, Adams County Commissioner

"He is the kind of person who's always going to pick up the phone, who's always going to help out. Congressman Perlmutter has always been willing to advocate for us."

Jim Engelking, Resident of Golden

"Ed Perlmutter is the most open, accessible, hard working person anyone could have as a Congressman. He understands the people and businesses of the 7th District, because he's one of us, just a bit brighter, better humored, and shorter.



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