My top priority is keeping our communities safe from COVID-19 and helping our economy recover from this pandemic by safely getting people back to work.

To begin with we must all do our part by wearing a mask, washing our hands, and social distancing from others.

We need a national plan to combat COVID-19 through improved testing capabilities, contact tracing, PPE manufacturing and distribution, and significant support to stabilize our economy. I strongly support the efforts of our public health experts to keep our communities safe from COVID-19 which includes face-covering mandates and social distancing protocols.

The CARES Act was absolutely critical to stabilize our response and provide the resources necessary to begin to fight this pandemic.  But we need more assistance to prevent even further economic damage to our nation. I strongly support another COVID economic relief package, thus my vote for the updated Heroes Act, to provide another round of stimulus checks, extended unemployment benefits, aid for state and local governments, help for schools, funding for the Postal Service, and much more.

The federal government must lead in our economic recovery from the pandemic building a strong and secure middle class with no one left behind. This means significant investments in rebuilding our infrastructure, raising the minimum wage, expanding access to skills training and apprenticeships, increasing the ability of workers to collectively bargain, paid family leave, pay equity, overtime protections and much more. We need to renew our promise to our seniors by protecting Social Security and Medicare for generations to come.


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As the father of a daughter with epilepsy, finding ways to ensure access to quality, affordable health care is one of my top priorities. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has helped millions of Americans and thousands of Coloradans gain access to quality healthcare coverage. Most importantly, the ACA ensures...

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