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A quality education is the foundation for a bright future for our children. This is possible if local communities have the resources they need to provide the highest quality education possible for our children.

My three daughters and my wife’s three children are all products of Jefferson County Public Schools, my wife Nancy is a retired teacher from Pomona High School in Arvada, and my sister Cassie is a Denver Public School teacher. Public schools provided my family and me the tools we needed to succeed in life. I believe every child deserves this same opportunity, and I will continue to pursue these goals.

Providing the best education possible for our children means parents, teachers and communities working together toward the same goal. The value of a family’s investment in our children’s education cannot be overstated, and we should encourage parents to be actively involved in their children’s education. We also need to make sure our teachers have the tools, resources and support they need to provide our children with a solid, well-rounded education. Fortunately, in Jefferson County, we have seen the community stand up to and vote against radical school board members and their extremist agenda.

Higher education is a critical component of our ability to remain globally competitive. Skyrocketing costs are making it harder, not easier, for students to receive a higher education. We need to make sure the costs of higher education are not unreasonable by increasing the level of available Pell grants and minimizing the costs of student loans. I will continue supporting proposals to keep student loan interest rates low and making higher education more affordable and accessible for everyone.

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We must protect our environment and public lands to preserve our way of life.  I have stood up alongside millions of Americans to protect our federal lands and prevent them from being sold off.  We must also combat the real impacts of climate change and find better ways to...

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