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One of my biggest priorities in Congress is to provide for our nation’s Veterans when they return home and their families. The men and women of the United States military gave their service and sacrifice to preserve our freedom and national security, and we must ensure they are provided with the care and resources they need and have earned.

This means ensuring transparency and accountability at all VA facilities to ensure Veterans’ health does not suffer. We need to make it easier for our local VA facilities to attract and hire new doctors, nurses, and support staff.  As we discuss the future of VA healthcare, I want to ensure we enhance care at the VA and not take away from it or privatize care.

That’s also why I have been fighting for the new VA medical facility in Aurora. The project was plagued by a contract dispute and severe mismanagement, but today the project is back on track and this state of the art medical facility is slated to open in 2018 to serve Veterans across the Rocky Mountain region.

In addition to health care, we have a responsibility to help put our Veterans back to work or help them receive an education when they return home. I am committed to making sure our Veterans and all Americans have the ability to obtain good jobs and the training necessary to sustain those jobs. I voted for updates to the post-9/11 GI Bill to expand and simplify educational opportunities to ensure our veterans more access to the education they need. Additionally, I supported a measure to extend the home buyer tax credit for any active duty military personnel who served overseas for more than 90 days to help them with the opportunity to purchase their first home.

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