Seeking Democratic Nomination Through Caucus and Assembly Process

February 28, 2018

Dear Fellow Democrats,

I hereby declare my intent to seek the Democratic nomination for the 7th Congressional District through the Caucus/Assembly process and I ask once again for your support.

The last 14 months has been a challenging time for our nation. We’ve seen a White House focused more on rewarding the well-connected and special interests than the hard-working folks in the middle. Republicans in Congress passed a tax bill giving corporations billions of dollars of tax breaks while moving toward slashing Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Instead of finding a bipartisan solution for DREAMers, the President and Republicans in Congress have created chaos and confusion for thousands of people and families in Colorado and across the country.

While Republicans in Washington focus on preventing middle class families from getting ahead, I will continue to stand up and fight for a strong and secure middle class. Too many Coloradans feel they are one unexpected crisis away from things falling apart. I’ll continue to work toward policies that promote real economic growth and good-paying jobs that enable families to live the life they want to live. I want to help families gain access to quality, affordable health care, child care, and college, while saving for the future and protecting our seniors from cuts to Medicare and Social Security. And we need to prepare our infrastructure and our workforce for the future while fighting against attempts to dismantle environmental protections and cut funding for research and innovation, including at our national labs like NREL right here in Golden.

Our nation and our state has seen too many families, schools, and communities ripped apart by senseless gun violence. I’ve been inspired over the last several weeks by the activism demonstrated by students, teachers and parents in Florida and across the nation pushing for common sense gun violence prevention measures. We cannot let the NRA continue to control what we do on this issue. We must ban bump stocks and pass universal background checks for all gun purchases. We must also invest in mental health programs and ensure someone suffering from mental illness does not have access to a firearm. We must overturn the ban on federal government research for gun violence. And we must reinstate the assault weapons ban, taking these military devices off our streets and out of our communities.

This year the future of our state and country is in our hands. Join me as we continue to fight for the Colorado way of life and Colorado values. Please sign-up to be a delegate to the 7th Congressional District Assembly on March 29th at Arvada West High School. I am honored to represent you in Washington and hope to earn your vote to be re-elected to Congress.


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